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Back Pain and Neck Pain

Downtown Vancouver chiropractor, Dr. Trevor Kilian, knows that back pain and neck pain can be very distracting from day-to-day life. If the pain is chronic, it can limit your ability to participate in certain activities, as well as complicate your sleep patterns and emotional health. By seeking chiropractic care treatment, you can manage your pain and symptoms, facilitate the healing process and prevent future injuries and health conditions from occurring. There are many common causes of back pain and neck pain. The most frequent is personal injury. A personal injury can occur anywhere - specifically, during a car accident, athletic activity, at work or while doing heavy lifting. Whiplash is an example of a personal injury resulting from a car accident. Whiplash occurs when the neck is thrust forward and subsequently jerked backward, compressing or damaging the vertebrae and discs in the neck.

Typically, neck pain will begin to present itself within just a few days of suffering whiplash, and may progress if left untreated. By seeing a Vancouver chiropractor immediately following a collision, whiplash may be diagnosed before symptoms are present. Early detection and treatment often means a shorter rehabilitation process and fewer long-term effects.

A herniated disc is another common cause of back pain. Dr. Kilian diagnoses a herniated disc when improper spinal alignment results in too much pressure on the discs that separate the spinal vertebrae. When the spaces between the vertebrae are too small, the body places too much pressure on the nerves that run through the spinal cord. This can cause a condition known as sciatica, which causes recurrent low back pain and leg pain. Sciatica is not a disease, however, but is instead merely a set of symptoms. Dr. Kilian can treat the condition using proven non-invasive techniques, which reduce low back pain and improve symptoms with time.

Chiropractic Care Patients Benefit from an Ongoing Wellness Plan

We provide holistic chiropractic care to individuals and families of all ages. We believe in a total body approach to wellness and health care, and we teach every patient how to improve spinal health with frequent adjustments and the incorporation of positive lifestyle changes.

Upon visiting our office, we will first ask you what type of back pain and neck pain you have been experiencing and how long the symptoms have been present. After a verbal consultation, Dr. Kilian may also take some x-rays to make a thorough diagnosis. Based on your condition, he will customize a personal chiropractic care plan designed to reduce your pain, help your body heal and protect it from becoming injured again in the future.

Once your body has made a full recovery, we recommend making chiropractic care a part of your regular wellness plan. Just like visiting your general physician and dentist for regular check-ups, seeing our Downtown Vancouver chiropractor is an equally important part of preventive wellness, as it helps maintain proper spinal alignment and build a strong musculoskeletal system that is more resistant to injury. Also, by incorporating chiropractic into your wellness plan, you can reap other benefits linked to good spinal health, including better balance and better cardiovascular health.

If you are in need of a Vancouver chiropractor who understands your condition and will work hard to manage your back pain and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms, call us for an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you begin your path toward health and healing.


Occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched, causing pain to radiate down the lower back, buttocks, legs, and feet. It is the largest nerve in the body and can become pinched due to a variety of causes, including injuries and illnesses.

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