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Corrective Exercises

Dr. Trevor Kilian is a Vancouver chiropractor who employs a variety of natural and evidence-based techniques and services to help his patients recover from a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Corrective exercise is an important part of the plan of care for the vast majority of his patients.

What Are Corrective Exercises?

Customized, modifiable, and specific exercise has been an important part of functional mobility and healing within the rehabilitation world for decades. At our chiropractic care clinic, our corrective exercises are highly variable and individualized.

These exercises are prescribed a lot like medicine would be: with a specific dose, type, and intended effect. They may be single joint or multi-joint, weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing, weighted or unweighted, isometric or concentric/eccentric. Just about any muscle group or area of the body can be worked through corrective exercises.

The Benefits of Exercise Therapy

In general, exercise therapy is intended to correct an underlying issue and speed healing. They can heal tissue, reduce swelling, relieve pain, improve range of motion, increase strength, optimize joint stability and alignment, improve neuromuscular control and balance, and/or maximize endurance.

To confer these benefits, corrective exercises need to be modified in particular ways as recommended by a chiropractor or other healthcare professional. For instance, a person in the early stages of injury recovery will often need to perform high repetitions (e.g., 20 to 30 reps) of a given exercise with little to no load, since this prescription helps reduce swelling and promotes tissue healing. Later on in their recovery, they may need exercises with fewer repetitions (e.g., 8-15) and added resistance to strengthen a weakened muscle.

Common Types of Therapeutic Exercise Prescribed by Our Vancouver Chiropractor Team

Corrective exercises can be done at home in between visits. We'll make sure you'll be fully informed about why we recommend certain ones, how to do them, and how to modify them appropriately. Common ones we prescribe include:

  • Pelvic tilts and abdominal bracing exercises
  • Rotator cuff muscle exercises, such as T's, I's, and Y's
  • Static and dynamic stretches of the hamstrings and hip flexors

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Occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes pinched, causing pain to radiate down the lower back, buttocks, legs, and feet. It is the largest nerve in the body and can become pinched due to a variety of causes, including injuries and illnesses.

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