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Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are linked to stress, but they have a more immediate, mechanical cause that is key to how bad they can get. Muscle tension and posture are important when it comes to how your head feels. Too much physical tension can worsen your headache, taking it from mild discomfort to horrendous pain. Kilian Chiropractic in Vancouver offers treatments that can help ease the physical tension that is aggravating your headaches.

Posture and Neck Tension Are Big Contributors

When your neck tenses up and you begin to tighten your shoulders, you end up affecting your posture. That weird tension creates stress on your head as well, creating a headache. When your stress gets really bad, your physical tension gets worse, and you end up having a worse headache. Of course, the pain brings you even more stress and less patience, which creates more physical tension.

To ease this problem, you need to ease the physical tension. While you're in the thick of the situation and trying to solve whatever the problem is, you can get chiropractic care to help adjust your neck and back, and to help improve your posture. Chiropractic adjustments can be performed in well under an hour, leaving you with plenty of time to address whatever brought on your symptoms in the first place. With the physical tension relieved, your headache has less tension fueling the pain, and the headache can be reduced in intensity, if not eliminated. You will still have to address the situation that caused the stress and anguish, but that may be easier to do now as you're not battling a bad headache at the same time. With both the emotional and physical tension reduced, your headache should be a lot easier to handle and you may find the number of headaches you get drops substantially.

Why Live With Pain When You Could Soothe It Easily?

Kilian Chiropractic in Vancouver offers chiropractic treatments for your spine and neck that can help release tension. There's no reason to live with pain when you could have it go away with a few simple adjustments. Contact us at 604-688-0724 to arrange for a consultation with a chiropractor.

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The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body that can become pinched due to injuries or illness. When the sciatic nerve is pinched, it causes pain to radiate from the lower back to the buttocks, legs and feet.

If you're looking for a natural, non-invasive treatment to get relief from sciatica, visit your chiropractor for various treatments and services.

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